Hendricksen Design

Performance Based. Growth

Positioning and Framing

By better positioning your product to solve a core problem or deep desire of your target market, you make everything else flow much smoother. Higher conversions, premium pricing, higher customer happiness, and a better company to run at the end of the day.

Customer Value Ascension

Most companies try to get married on their first date with a prospect. We believe in steadily ascending the value and trust you have built with a prospect first, so it’s better to sell later.

Evergreen Sales Funnels

We build predictable sales funnels that can attract, indoctrinate, convert and maximize your customers, in an automated and affordable way. No more scrambling for new launches or promotions. With these, you put $1 in and get $2 out, every time.


  • Business Planning and Forecasting
  • Growth Opportunity Identification
  • New Market Expansion
  • Prioritization of Execution


  • High-Converting List Building Methods
  • Developing and Framing Product Offerings
  • Increasing Perceived Product Value
  • Maximizing Lifetime Customer Value


  • Site Design and Layout
  • Custom Web Development
  • Site Performance and Technical SEO
  • Marketing Automation

Sales Funnel

  • Paid Customer Acquisition
  • Email Marketing and Copywriting
  • Sales Page Architecture
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Select Case Studies

Digital Education Company
$22k /m → $110k /m

In 18 Months

Financial Services Company
$300,000+ /m

In 20 Months

Digital Products Company
$12k /m → $65k /m

In 9 Months

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